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Special Assistance

Air One offers its passengers with reduced mobility or sensory abilities, and those whose health conditions require particular care, a special assistance program that must be requested upon booking - in compliance with EC 1107/ 06 .

Special Assistance services can only be required by calling following call center number:

+39 091 255 1051 *

* The cost of the call depends on the fare applied by your phone provider for calls to landline phones.

Travelling with your own wheelchair onboard the aircraft

Collapsible and electric wheelchair can be checked-in as checked baggage free-of-charge. For passengers who can in no way leave their wheelchair, it is possible to book transport:

  • To the access ramp to the aircraft
  • To the cabin entrance (thus avoiding climbing the stairs wherever possible)
  • To your seat onboard the aircraft

Companions providing assistance during the flight

We would like to remind you that non self-sufficient, visually and hearing impaired passengers, and passengers who need to travel in a wheelchair or on a stretcher will need to travel with a companion who can provide all necessary assistance all throughout their trip.

Health care onboard

Air One provides assistance and specific services to passengers who have health problems and need to carry and use medicines or other health aids on-board upon the presentation of a medical certificate at check-in. Upon advance request by the passenger, specific needs of the passenger can be provided upon evaluation by Air One.

We allow syringes to be transported for personal use, sufficient for the entire journey (round trip flight and stay at destination).

In order to carry syringes on board, the company's permission is required with the submission of the following documents:

  • Medical certificate, dated no earlier than 30 days, demonstrating the need, the amount and the method of using the medicine
  • Medical Instructions by the producer of the medication (e.g. Pfizer, Bayer, etc.)
  • Certification stating that the container carrying the syringes and medication is anti-shock and anti-tipping

MEDIF and FREMEC medical clearance

To be entitled to special assistance services you will need to print and fill out the medical form called Medical Information Form (MEDIF) and have it duly signed by your doctor. The date in the Medical Information Form must be at latest 7 days prior to your departure.

Passengers suffering from permanent health disorders or physically disabled passengers may also produce the FREMEC (Frequent Travellers Medical Card), a card with a validity of 5 years. Such passengers will also need to fill out sections 1 and 3 of the MEDIF in which they declare whether they are self-sufficient or not.

MEDIF and FREMEC are required for passengers:

  • Who need oxygen therapy or must lie on a stretcher onboard the aircraft
  • Who are not physically or mentally self-sufficient
  • Who need constant assistance from a medical specialist during the trip
  • Pregnant women 4 weeks from expected delivery date or suffering from pregnancy complications.

Carrying syringes onboard the aircraft

Syringes for personal use in the quantity required all throughout your journey (round trip and stay) are allowed onboard.
If you need to carry syringes with you onboard, you must receive the airliner's authorisation upon booking and hand in the following documentation at the airport check-in counter:

  • Medical declaration dated at latest 30 days prior to your trip departure certifying dosage and administration method of the medicine
  • Instruction leaflet accompanying the medicine
  • Self-declaration stating that the drug container is shock-proof